Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today I am writing far, far away from home because my poor, sweet, dear, stubborn husband has the flu....................eeeeek!

When I am sick, I don't want to be around anyone. I want to feel better, and them emerge from my hibernation. When my husband is sick, on the other hand, he wants to be close to me all the time. I am obviously not a good nurse for him when he is sick. I stick him in a back room, and throw things through the door so he can take care of himself. Isn't he lucky. Most times, I don't even want him in our general living areas, so I don't get sick. I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!!

It got me thinking today though. Unlike a physical sickness, sometimes my life just seems to be covered in sin "germs". I go through a rough patch in life, or I drop off from studying the word as much as I should, and things just build up until I have a full infection. Luckily for me, God is not a nurse(like me) who sticks me in a corner and tries to help me from far off.

Jesus came down to this earth, in the middle of all of our "sin germs", and conquered them all. If you or someone you know has a sin sickness, encourage them, and let them know God, has already sent the vaccine, and it works 100% of the time. All we have to do is accept Him.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What 30 looks like!

O.k. so I turned 30, and for those of you who have read my blog you know I had a long list of things to do before my birthday!

Well, I didn't do it all-I didn't even do a lot of what was on my list! I did become fearless in sharing Christ-and I am glad! I think that was probably the most important.

Other then that though, I didn't do my list.

sooooooooooooo how's 30 you ask? WONDERFUL!

I have just spent the first 10 days of my 30's serving on staff for the "Happiness Retreat"-a ten day retreat for special needs adults. Some were high functioning and only because of their physical disabilities were limited. They worshipped like me. They joked like me. They understood the need for God's word like me. They were beautiful people. Some were not so high functioning, were sick and needed extra help doing everything they did. What was beautiful, was this was a safe place for them to be themselves.

Chris was the camp Pastor and I know he's my husband, but he rocked it! His sermons were about grace and about how to follow Christ! What we didn't realize would happen was how God would use those worship times to speak to the staff, the caregivers, the parents, and the counselors! It was awesome to see how God can work through simple people like us.

I was so excited to get to lead worship. There was a band (which I loved), and it was just fun singing in a group that was more interested in vertical worship (it's all about God) then horizontal worship (everyone look at me). What was even more amazing was how no matter the level of skill or even the ability to verbally communicate, all that were there worshipped freely, openly, and amazingly! I was so inspired by the purity of heart! When they offered themselves in worship it was sincere, and I was moved.

Now we're back home and I am praying that I can keep that mindset that the campers taught me. Love God and express that no matter if I don't do it perfectly, or don't say just the right thing! Give God the glory, and don't look back!

If this is what my 30's are going to look like-then I wish they'd gotten here sooner!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shut-in visitation has never been more fun!

I love to visit people in our church. I really do!!! I think it is fun to hear about our shut-ins grandchildren, their stories of how they met, and their stories of all the great things they did for the Church when they were able to go. I feel that sitting under the wisdom of past generations is a wonderful experience, and I don't take it for granted that it is one of the many areas in which I can serve God.

But today I had the most fun I have ever had visiting anyone! Chris and I have been wanting to bring people into visitation with us. So this week anyone who I spoke with from church, I asked to go with me to visit our shut-ins during this Easter week. Today our car ended up being myself, one of our 9 year old G.A.'s, a new member in her 20's, and our always-visiting-senior at the great age of 84. The combination of ladies in the car alone made me a little nervous, but we started our journey!

Each stop we made was so encouraging. We were able to spend time with our shut-ins, pray with them, and left with new friendships started! This may not be a very exciting blog to you; but I truly feel I have been in the presence of God today. I feel like his hand was on every part of our visits, and we grew in our fellowship with each other.

At the end of our trip, I was nervous that the 9 year old would be bored to tears, but she said, "next time I want to go again, but I want to bring a friend because this was fun!"

Who knew visitation could be so much fun!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Freezer from God!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine gave me a small freezer for my laundry room. I was so excited! I bought freezer cookbooks, and stocked up on sale priced freezable stuff. It was awesome. If I needed anything for supper, forget the grocery store, I went to my freezer, and there was supper! It was such a nice gift.

Last business meeting at church a man stood up with new business. "We would love to start this new ministry, but we need a freezer. If we have to buy one it may take awhile to get the money; does anyone have one they can donate." I raised my hand; of course if the church needs it, that's what we needed to do. So I left the meeting happy that the Church was starting a new ministry that would help people afford groceries, but a little sad about the loss of my freezer. The more and more I thought about it though, I thought "God has provided so many times for us through gifts, this is no big deal. I don't have to have a freezer." So started our journey of eating everything in the freezer. For about two weeks now we've been cleaning it out, meal by meal!

Sunday morning I walked in church and a lady ran to me (literally, it was kind of funny) and said "You'll never believe this, someone called the Church and wants to donate a freezer, and it is about three times the size of yours. We don't need yours anymore." To her it was exciting that God had provided even greater then what we thought we'd need. To me, I knew God had honored my giving. It may sound small to you, but it was a moment I'll never forget. God knows the desires of our heart, even if they are as simple as excitement over freezer meals!

I love that God is so personal that he can love me enough to let me keep my freezer!
I hope that God shows how much he loves you in a very personal way this week!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Be quick to listen, slow to speak............but I just really wanna play kickball!

Have you ever been to church and listened to a sermon, and then immediately after Church you are almost tested on what you heard? I have: many times, including today!

Today at church, my husband preached on James 1:19-27. You are probably familiar with this passage, "be doers, not hearers", "take care of widows and orphans", and "be quick to hear, slow to speak", and "slow to become angry". During the sermon, I nodded my head in agreement to all those things. Of course, I deal with them, but at the time I was thinking "man, I'm glad I've gotten some of this figured out. I don't want to be quick to anger".........little did I know the great deceiver wanted to use my own thoughts to trick me just shortly thereafter.

In the car on the way home, my husband told me of a complaint he had heard about me (as a pastor's wife, they never stop, but you don't get used to them). Someone told him that "your wife is showing favoritism to some people in the church. The other week she had some people come play kickball in your backyard, and she didn't invite my children." At that moment, there was not "slow to anger".............I was hot!

In early January, my husband bought me a kickball. He plays flag football, and I'd been wanting to get a group together to play kickball (I'm still a kid sometimes). So one Friday afternoon about 2 o'clock, I saw how pretty it was out and I sent out text messages to everyone I knew, and posted on my facebook status "Becca wants to play kickball, come at four to my house, if you're in!" About 20 kids and parents showed up and we had a blast.

So today when this came up, I thought "I can't even play kickball with someone questioning my motives". There I was, eating lunch, trying not to get anger and saying over and over again "quick to hear, quick to hear, quick to hear", and praying God would show me something I could learn from this.

We reached home and there was a message on the phone from a churchmember. What did it say? It said, "Hey guys, we just wanted to let you know, it's nice out and we want to play soccer in the field behind your house, hope it's alright; maybe we can even get a kickball game going!"

I have never laughed so hard. Sure, I still don't know if I need to approach the parent that is upset with me, but I felt God was saying, "You know what, I got this. You be open to me, and my leading, and I will guard your heart from the deceiver." He knew, I was too quick to anger and just needed a good laugh.

You may be a pastor's wife, you may know one, but either way.............if she wants to play kickball every now and then let her. Be careful not to make her feel like she's losing her ministry opportunities.....she might just wanna run around like a little girl for a few minutes. And maybe, just maybe, she may need you to love her for who she is too.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The sun is out!!!!!

For the past couple of weeks it has been cloudy here almost everyday. Yesterday we even had snow. The days have been short, dark, and cold. And I was really starting to feel it.

But TODAY the sun is out! It is so bright I've just been standing outside enjoying the heat on my face.

I've been thinking, sometimes when I'm not doing my quiet times, or keep up with my prayers it feels very similar to being cloudy. I am not as excited about ministering to others, and I can feel it in my marriage.

The good news is like today, the sun is always there, and when I decide to get rid of the my cloudy spirit, it is always ready to shine! God never leaves me, and for that I am ever grateful.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nearing 30...........fearlessly!

The other day I was droning on and on about some fears I had about how my husband was approaching something at Church. "What if they don't like it", "You don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable", "I just don't know about that".........all things I said. My husband looked at me and said, "If you were as fearless as you are fearful, there's nothing you wouldn't be able to do."

It hit me like a rock to the forehead! I've always thought I was pretty brave. I mean, I drive on the highway, I buy things that aren't on sale, I tear the tag off the pillows; but I don't think that's what he meant.

So I started thinking: I am six months away from being 30. How fearless can I be as I approach this milestone (well, kind of)? So, here it is: a list of some "fearless" things I want to do in the next six months.

*I want to make a cd to give my dad. He wanted me to grow up to be like Amy Grant;
not quite me, but maybe this Father's day, I could give him a cd of me.

*I want to run/walk some 5k races. I don't want to let the "I can't run" be an excuse!

*I want to get down to a size 14. Not for health reasons, but because I want to do it for me.
I want to look good in a dress!

*I want to stop worrying about not having a baby. I hear so much "well, when you're a parent
you'll know"........well, God hasn't provided yet, but I think I can still live everyday for him
not feeling like somehow I'm broken. Starting today..........I'm gonna work on being patient,
and stop apologizing for not having kids yet.

*I want to fearlessly serve God. I want to be such an open vessel that I can't help but see his
leading in situations in my life.

*I want to witness to people fearlessly!

So there, it is in writing. And maybe someone will read it, maybe not, but there it is.

I don't want to be fearful anymore...........join me?